Just like our bodies, healthy communities live, breath, and think. In that sense, jobs and businesses become the body, public opinion is the brain, stewardship is the soul. And education is the heart. Without it, all other functions fail. That is why our community must not fail education.

Education is a key factor for a new employer to locate new business in our region. Often, employers here have relied on hiring out-of-state skilled workers to meet job demands. Our technical college, community college, and university institutions are making great strides to meet these needs. Success of our higher education programs is directly tied to becoming globally competitive. This will require coordinated efforts from all regional stakeholders.

Our K-12 education system is in constant need of financial support, facility upgrades and leadership support by local businesses. The Charleston area has among the nation’s best, most high-achieving academic schools in our selection of magnet and charter schools. We also have among the worst-failing schools in the state and nation from academic performance and test scores, primarily in low-income and rural areas. Grassroots community initiatives are needed to help our low-achieving schools prosper.

Regional Issues


Competition makes us faster.
Collaboration makes us better.

Improved Infrastructure

If we are to move forward, we must be able to MOVE.

Quality Job Growth

Local jobs are created by our city's healthy rhythm.

Our Port

South Carolina's economic engine would not exist without the Port of Charleston.


Education is the heart of our community.

Responsible Government

Collaborating, helpful local government.

Clean Energy

Clean energy is shaping the way we think about our region...and the way the world thinks about us.

Density vs. Sprawl

Cities are solutions.

Our Military

Patriotism begins at home.

Our Land and Water

"Conservation is the state of harmony between men and land."

Our Tourism

A world class destination...and we call her "home."

Public Transit

New thinking needed for public transit.

Workforce Housing

Live, Work, Play should be available to everyone.