Our Military

Charleston has long been identified as a military town. Stretching back hundreds of years, our strategic location on the East Coast, deep port, and transportation service has been home to all branches of the United States Armed Forces. Over the past century, the U.S. Naval Base, Naval Shipyard, Air Base Charleston, and SPAWAR weapons system operations helped shape U.S. wartime capabilities and peacetime readiness.

U.S. National Defense began downsizing in 1992 depleted roughly two-thirds of local military installations and personnel. Restructuring provided a more cohesive military presence at Joint Base Charleston, today host to more than 60 DOD and federal agencies. More than 18,000 active-duty, reserve, and civilian military personnel, retirees, and dependents work in our region. That number swells to more than 90,000 when considering families, retirees, and dependents. Joint Base Charleston is estimated to contribute $11.1 billion annually to the local economy.

Some 24,000 military retirees now call Charleston their permanent home. These are highly skilled, technically trained professionals who often develop contractor or military-support businesses. They hire employees, raise families, pay taxes, and enjoy the unique Lowcountry quality of life that makes our region so alluring.


Regional Issues


Competition makes us faster.
Collaboration makes us better.

Improved Infrastructure

If we are to move forward, we must be able to MOVE.

Quality Job Growth

Local jobs are created by our city's healthy rhythm.

Our Port

South Carolina's economic engine would not exist without the Port of Charleston.


Education is the heart of our community.

Responsible Government

Collaborating, helpful local government.

Clean Energy

Clean energy is shaping the way we think about our region...and the way the world thinks about us.

Density vs. Sprawl

Cities are solutions.

Our Military

Patriotism begins at home.

Our Land and Water

"Conservation is the state of harmony between men and land."

Our Tourism

A world class destination...and we call her "home."

Public Transit

New thinking needed for public transit.

Workforce Housing

Live, Work, Play should be available to everyone.