It's a breakthrough moment for the tri-county region. After decades of determined effort, we stand uniquely positioned for the next 100 years. It's not a question of whether the Charleston region will grow, but how we grow.

Whether our growth is a source of shared strength, opportunity, and prosperity — or a source of conflict, division, and inequality — relies on each of us answering one simple question.

Am I going to help or hinder this progress?

Right now, let's commit ourselves to helping the Charleston region move forward — to build opportunity and prosperity for all. The path won't be fast or easy. We won't always agree on how to get there. But every step we take, we will take together, because opportunity is what unites us. At the end of the day, the Charleston region we want for our children — and theirs — is a place where good jobs and strong communities are plentiful. A place where cooperation and compromise work for the greater good. A place where nature is preserved and enjoyed. A place inspired by the simple belief that regardless of race, religion, young or old, rich or poor, there is opportunity and prosperity — for us all.

Who's behind Stand For Progress?

Stand For Progress is a collaborative initiative created to share facts about the issues most important to shaping the Charleston region and its citizens' futures, build community consensus and support, and coordinate action that drives opportunity and prosperity for all. Led by The Trident CEO Council — a group of private sector business leaders representing more than 10,000 employees, Stand For Progress is committed to helping move the Charleston region forward through fact-driven dialogue, community collaboration and organized action.

Trident CEO Council Members

Marc Fetten, Chairman

Charleston International Manufacturing Center

Thompson E. Penney, Vice Chairman

LS3P Associates LTD

Leonard Hutchison, III, Secretary/Treasurer

Wells Fargo

John Darby, Past Chairman

The Beach Company

Richard A. "Rick" Day, Assistant Secretary


Reid Banks

Banks Construction Company

Jennifer Cheek Blumenthal

McNair Law Firm, P.A.

Frank Bullard

BB&T Corporation

Lonnie Carter

Santee Cooper

Dwayne Cartwright

Berkeley Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Robert D. Fairey

Trident Construction Company, Inc.

Kevin Frank


Richard R. Garcia

T. Y Lin International / Lindbergh

Jack Goettee

South State Bank

Timothy A. Grow

Elliott Davis

Mac Hodgson

The GEL Group

Carl Kolts

Showa Denko Carbon, Inc.

Lorraine L. Lutton

Roper St. Francis Healthcare

J. Rhett Reidenbach

The Reveer Group

Neil C. Robinson, Jr.

Nexsen Pruet

Kenneth T. Seeger

WestRock Land and Development

O.L. Thompson

O.L. Thompson Construction Co.

Debra A. Turner


Stuart Whiteside


D. Michael Wilson


Anita Zucker

The InterTech Group

Tom Leonard - Executive Director

The regional issues we stand for

Learn more about the critical issues shaping our region's growth through fact-driven dialogue and resources, and join the movement to stand for progress.


Competition makes us faster.
Collaboration makes us better.

Improved Infrastructure

If we are to move forward, we must be able to MOVE.

Quality Job Growth

Local jobs are created by our city's healthy rhythm.

Our Port

South Carolina's economic engine would not exist without the Port of Charleston.


Education is the heart of our community.

Responsible Government

Collaborating, helpful local government.

Clean Energy

Clean energy is shaping the way we think about our region...and the way the world thinks about us.

Density vs. Sprawl

Cities are solutions.

Our Military

Patriotism begins at home.

Our Land and Water

"Conservation is the state of harmony between men and land."

Our Tourism

A world class destination...and we call her "home."

Public Transit

New thinking needed for public transit.

Workforce Housing

Live, Work, Play should be available to everyone.